Guam corn soup recipe – Chamorro corn soup


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  1. Have Adai Paula , so I watched this video and I was just wondering if you don't mind sharing the recipe ingredients with the measurements step by step just so I can do it accurately and perfect like how you do with this . It looks so yummy and I really don't wanna screw this up when I do it on the first try. Thanks for sharing I got a huge pregnancy craving on this one 😀

  2. Yes, that is how it how it is generally made. However, once I tried it with the cream of mushroom soup, I liked it better. The soup makes it taste more hearty while cutting back a bit on the richness of the coconut milk.

  3. I was just curious, have you ever tried the corn soup recipe with the chicken broth and coconut milk before? Was it good? Or did you not try it? I was just curious. I am in the process of wanting to make this soup, possibly tomorrow. But I will not add chicken to it. I may just come up with my own thing because some ingredients I don't have, so I will have to improvise. =) Thanks for sharing Guams best.

  4. I am NOT dissapointed! I am so happy thank you for posting this. I cook like you and need no measurements at times. We were trying to cook this and I forgot what goes in it. Thanks for helping.

  5. My elderly auntie always said that if we took a time machine back to the pre war guam, we would not recognize alot of the food. Perhaps only the fish dishes. She says that the recipes have changed so much due to the new ingredients and products from the states, but the names of the dishes have not changed. She says that chalakilis is different now, there were more variety of tamales and empanadas, the titiyas tasted better back then, and corn soup was a drink and not really a soup-stew.

  6. Is this based on the Chamorro ATULE? According to my mom and elderly aunties, ATULE was more of a hot drink rather than a soup or stew. They tell me that ATULE is now known as CORN SOUP because explaining ATULE to the Americans, it was easier to say that ATULE is like a CORN SOUP because it is made with corn masa. In fact they tell me that it is better to use corn masa instead of flour.

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