Grilling Soy Basted Thin Cut Pork Chops | Bon Appétit


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  1. Ok so he marinated shitty pork chops with soy and rice vinegar (all the sugar stayed at the bottom of the bowl) ? Bro if you understand nothing about asian cooking how about you stay away from it, let alone make a fucking video about it.

  2. This guy is so dooshy. Thin cut pork chops are awful. He cooks chops that thin, on a hot grill at 500+ degrees, for 6-7 minutes???? Those chops are most definitely shoe leather. This guy is shit.

  3. do you ever see asians cook and when they add something like butter, olive oil, parsley, do they ever just call it names like Grizzly Bear Chow Ming! guess what? cuz she made the chowming with olive oil instead of peanut. or how about BARBARIAN stir fry? cuz she finished the dish off with a dash of butter so now its BARBARIAN STIR FRYYYY! steamed rice is not rice but its BUFFALO RICE!!! or OH stir fry has salt and pepper so now its NORDIC STIR FRY!!!!! CARIBOO SALAD!!!!

  4. how bad can ur so called asian food interpretation be when you just add soy sauce or vinegar to anything and call it TIGER…. how about PANDA salad? just add some black olives and sesame seeds and you got a PANDA dish… and ur not supposed to baste raw soy sauce over cooked pork chops it has never been done in asia before unless you are making a sashimi the wrong way.

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