Grilled Vegetable Orzo Pasta Salad- Vegetarian Recipe |Cooking With Carolyn|


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  1. Another great recipe! I love the ORSO. I made a pasta salad with it a few days ago. My ingredients were:green and red pepper, celery, cherry tomatoes, capers and flat leaf parsley. So delicious!! I agree this is a very versatile salad!!😀

  2. This caught my eye. I'm a new sub thanks to Kevin from the skorpionshow. I love they way you cook and you make it look so easy and it looks healthy so I will be trying some of these recipes.

  3. Thank you so much! Cooking and been careful when doing it for ppl who's vegetarian is kind a challenging. I have some began friends eating today at my house. I found the began orzo, but no knowing what to prepare from it, was scary. I haven't star cooking and I can smell those wonderful flavors of the grilling vegetables. Thanx again.

  4. I've been tying to find ideas on YouTube how to make such salad. Fortunately found yours! Looks very good and can't wait to try it and serve to my roomies! Thanks for the idea and recipe

  5. Carolyn, just bought my first bottles of grand diamond seasoning. All I can say is:
    WOW!! What an impact it has had on a variety of my dishes. I initially bought them so that I could follow your recipes to a "tee." Love your vids BTW.

  6. Looks like a Sudoku. I have one and it my major knife in the kitchen. Very sharp, maintains an edge well, easy to sharpen, and the divets help for very easy slicing by creating air pockets between the blade and food so the food is not resisting the cut.

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