Grilled Coffee & Cola Skirt Steak Recipe – Grilled Beef Marinated in Coffee and Cola


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  1. Hi Chef John, this video is reminding of "Ketchup and Pepsi" chicken, an old Southern thing. Maybe you should try it. The idea is that 1 part Ketchup and 1 part Pepsi supposedly makes a really great chicken marinade (with nothing else; just those two ingredients, and then cook in the oven). On another note, your videos are fantastic, and have really inspired me to push myself in my home cooking. You've encouraged me to really get into, and to enjoy, the ole stove and oven. I've even started doing the ole' shaka shaka of cayenne when I season. (long time short-order restaurant cook here, new interested at home).

  2. I am a big fan of chef Johns recipes I've done many and have no complaints, thanks for sharing. people get it together and seriously try Johns recipes you won't regret it trust me. 🍕🍗🍔🌮🍝🍡🍪😎

  3. Wouldn't the coke, when the water has evaporated, turn bitter and horrible? My mum used Cherry coke glazed pork and it tasted disgusting, I assume due to whatever chemicals in the coke (Check any challenge video of eating the remnants of evaporated coke).

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