Grilled Cheese with Egg and Pesto Recipe – Lunch Ideas for School – Weelicious


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  1. well the cheese is what makes it a melt. You could leave it out if you'd like and just make it with eggs and pesto! That would still be tasty! Are you trying to eliminate dairy? Or would you rather use a different type of cheese?

  2. Do the kids eat everything in the lunch box? I don't mean that they don't like it haha, because from watching your videos I can definitely tell they love EVERYTHING!! I just wonder if they get full pretty quickly. I'm 26 years old and I've been on a healthy kick for about 2 years now and lost 43 lbs the right way, and you are motivating me to keep going and inspiring me to eat different fruits and veggies I wouldn't automatically think to. So, thank you!!

  3. I have a nephew who is now 6 and for a number of years, his fav foods are sushi, edamame, crab, and salmon. If you introduce this type of stuff early, they get use to the tastes. Another kid I know ate hummus and loved it sooooo much. Again, introduce it early. You also have to set the example for your kids.

  4. Edamame is one of my son's favorite foods! We eat it several times a week for lunch and dinner! If you ask my daughter, most days after school she'll request yogurt for her after school snack! Eating healthy is fun! 😀

  5. Okay, I don't know any kids that would enjoy a lunch like that. Edamame? Plain yogurt? I understand that you want them to be healthy, but that's just too far. They'll probably end up fat in college anyway so let them have fun!

  6. thank you so much for your videos! I've been trying to think of healthy school lunch ideas for my 3 year old! Question…..Will the egg be safe in the lunchbox all morning ? Do you stick ice packs in the lunches? Thank you so much!

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