Green (Raw) Papaya Subzi Indian Vegetarian Recipe Video


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  1. I love urs papaya subzi recipe. my mom back in India makes veggie dumpling fillings out of raw papaya n mushroom.. Little nostalgic seeing ur papaya dish😉

  2. I guess I've bought a green papaya, thinking it was one of those normal papayas, which I only had from a can. I did eat a little bit of it raw, but it's rather tough to chew and tasteless, I think I'll do like you ladies, add some spices and steam it for 10 minutes.

  3. welcome back, ok i have a question dealing with trying to find a recipe. the very first indian meal i had was back in 1985, and it was like a dumpling in a a sauce… the texture seems to me to be sooji/suji dumplings and the sauce i know had cumin and cinnamon in it with maybe hing or a bit of garlic. it has been so long ago and i have never been able to find a recipe even remotely close. can you please help wit this? do you have any idea what it could be…. i mean it could have been another grain however like i said it had the texture of sooji/suji balls.dumplings. thanks much!

  4. This does look very interesting. I have never come across raw papaya in the UK, would I be able to find it at my local indian green groceries or do I need to go to another special place?

  5. I am assuming the red chillies were Kashmiri or something mild as was the powder..I had a friend who doesn't like heat and used dried bird eye chillies well I loved her dish but she was in real pain..Dried chillies come in all forms just like fresh so maybe to avoid confusion it might be worth mentioning this..I've been cooking Indian food for 30 years and spent time in Goa actually alot of time 6mths..I could post the Vindaloo or Piri Piri recipe I brought back if that's okay or maybe you have one 🙂

  6. Anuja, are you back in the U.S? Welcome back. And I am glad to see this recipe, I saw the green papaya in an Asian store here in CA. How about recipes with artichoke?

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