Greek Roast Chicken Recipe | Episode 1176


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  1. i love seeing you eating after you finish the dish you make ; it is makes me love the food more and more and in the same time you are torturing us with the great and nice dishes you make

  2. thank for minute 1:421:47. I have been working really hard for 24 hours straight you made me laugh so hard so loud I really felt like I just had therapy and I feel great now I'm ready to continue with the second part of my day

  3. i'm SO excited to make this, it looks so easy to make and my family loves anything chicken! and it's quick enough to make after i get home from work. i especially love recipes that marinate the chicken in yogurt because i know i can't dry it out, haha. thank you so much laura!!

  4. I made it the exact same way you did it and when I was eating it it was so juicy but the flavor left the chicken like there was a nice lemon taste but it wasn't really strong but definitely I think you guys should do it I think it was because I flipped the chicken

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