Great Potato Soup Recipe


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  1. Hi – thanks I found and chose your recipe to follow – making for someone who is having trouble eating – I have to admit my little taste has been — okay just another wee bit – ok another wee scoop – ended up it was probably a whole bowl of tasting. good flavour balance and I've not added cream or milk so far. I took some out and blended the bacon and some chicken bits from my stock making so no bits, but kept some potato cubes whole. thank you its better than good. Sheila

  2. I am once again trying one of your recipes. The stew came out great so I am excited to try this one too! The link for the written recipe instructions doesn't work. I l really like your videos. I appreciate the fact that you go step by step and make it nice and easy for a novice cook like me to understand. :D

  3. Oh man a really good tater soup. I leave the skin on my russet taters and I have also left the skin on the red taters. I've also added a cup of wine as I sautéed the onions, garlic and onions. Brother you got to try that with the skins on the taters and white wine.

  4. I enjoyed your recipe for this Potato soup! loved your seasonings and herbs! I am not a fan of Fat Free anything LOL! As in your Half n Half, Just saying! I love the richness of whole cream products. But…. your soup looked amazing & I will give it a try as I always do with your wonderful recipes. Thank you Chef Glenn!

  5. Well I didn't have any bacon, so I went without it this time (I'll give it a go next time).
    What I did have was a bunch of asparagus left over from last nite (cooked the way you taught me), and there's not much you can do with leftover asparagus, so I chopped it up fine and added it to this soup at the very end, and man it was outstanding. thanks.

  6. Of course I wouldn't stop there. I would add cheese, sour cream, spring onion, broccoli, cauliflower etc lol   Of course it's no longer healthy at this stage but it will taste great. I don't like fat free anything so I would be using real half and half. Great basic recipe. Thanks :o)

  7. Yum, made this last night… turned out excellent! You know it's a hit when your family is hardly out of bed in the AM and asking if there's any leftovers to be eaten for dinner. Not even a hey how's it goin mom or good morning to you mom… but rather they asked if there was any potato soup left.. LoL. Really nice comfort food recipe, made me hit that sub button for sure. Thanks chef, much appreciated ;-)

  8. I was asking how to LIKE this video. Under the number of subscripyions NUMBER there are two little numbers…If you hover over the left little number a " I LIKE THIS" appears…just hit the square button and it likes the video.

  9. And as always…Burrururrrrrr!   You remind me of someone that owes the mob tons of money from gambling…..and will be found in a shipping container in China 8 weeks after you have gone missing.  Your ill fitting faux gold bracelet will turn up in a Jersey pawn shop but alas…you won't….that being said…the recipe looks delicious…and I will try it out as soon as I can….How much you wanna bet that I won't?  What's the vig on that?

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