Great Depression Cooking – The Poorman’s Meal


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  1. Looks yummy! Although I didn't have as hard of a life as you did, I was not very wealthy and my father and mother lived paycheck to paycheck. We ate potatoes all of the time because they are so versatile. We would put potatoes and melt cheese over a hotdog. I sometimes crave it!! 💜 thank you for sharing this recipe with the world! I will have to try it some day.

  2. My grandmother has a little garden of green vegetables & herbs. One day, while her home aid was there & my grandmother went to the restroom, the home aid freaking just picked a bunch of them. That was so rude. My grandmother grew them with great care & she's 80. It's especially hard for her to do things now, but she wanted to feed her family some good fresh food.

  3. You would be surprised how many people given the chance will go in some ones garden and help themselves not realizing that people are growing that food to feed them selves and in some cases it maybe about all they get!!! Makes me so mad!!! I grow food for me and my fiance we dont have much but a few tomatoes and peas and peppers may keep us from starving! We dont have a yard so we grow the in pots on our porch and still people will swipe what isnt theirs! to the point I have had to get a camera on my veggies. By god you steal from me I will post your ass on you tube and then tell the cops!!

  4. This was very nice to watch a warm hearted woman. Her story is in her cooking.

    While reading the comments I found out she passed on, but clearly she left a legacy.

  5. My parents lived through the Depression. My mother's family was better off financially than my father's but he learned how to cook from his mother. There were times when he was out of work that this knowledge came in handy. I still make what I call "MacGuyver meals": You take what's lying around in the kitchen, throw it together, and if it doesn't blow up, you eat it.

  6. This is awesome My great grandmother is 98 years old and she still cooks. I love watching this it like watching her she would have cooked Mexican/Spanish food but same personality.

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