Great Depression Cooking – Depression Breakfast


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  1. People today don't know how lucky they are with access to cheap easily available food. i remember my dad telling me a story from when he was a kid in ireland(around 1940). Two old dudes who lived at the side of the mountain where I live made "dinner". Dinner consisted of a sheep cut up into pieces and boiled. No vegetables but some boiled potatoes. They ate it like a broth. He said the layer of fat on top of it was like glue! They wasted nothing, and wanted nothing either

  2. This warms my heart. I grew up with my mom and grandma, and grandma used to make what she used to call "the depression dinner," it was a type of stew that her family made during the great depression. It was cheap and easy to make, and damn was it good. I miss her a lot, passed away at the age of 93 in 2017.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing. It makes you realized we can always make changes in our present ways of living by being able to save more allowing to give more to the homeless population in our country 🇺🇸. Happy Holidays 🎄😘

  4. Her humor, humility, and penchant for simple living remind me so much of my own grandmother, who also grew up in the Depression era. What a lovely lady….thank you for sharing her with us!

  5. I love Clara's videos. I'm glad her grandson made them to document Clara for posterity, and share her with us all!

    My grand daddy was a ww1 vet and a postman during the Great Depression. He supported 9 people on his paycheck and had 3 one acre gardens, raised rabbits , and honeybees. He also owned 3 rental houses. My grandmother would put the fruits and vegetables up in Mason jars and would sell the honey. A very interesting time in history. I think we are headed for another depression.

  6. Hmmmm…..seems like they had it pretty good. My grandmother used to eat grease sandwiches if she had bread……if they had the luxury of meat then she would eat the fat that was cooked out of the meat.

  7. I was gifted the exact same coffee pot from my great gma Goldie or her daughter my grandma Shirley, cant remember who! Goldie was born 1910, gma Shirley 1932. I was 16 and 34 when they died respectively, huge part of my life. I miss them ❤

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