Great British Oxtail Soup Recipe


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  1. By accident I discovered a veg soup recipe that is almost exactly the same flavour and texture. I call it moxtail soup. But you can't beat the original.

    The method for moxtail is similar to this recipe except that you add 1 table spoon of marmite and 1/4 of a cabbage. Once blended the cabbage adds the ox texture and the marmite approximates the flavour in combination with the beef stock and tomato pure.

  2. Hi Titli, many thanks for another great video and another fantastic soup recipe 🙂 My kids love your videos, my daughter especially liked the brain curry recipe lol 🙂  Anyway, I made this oxtail soup yesterday and it was a hit! There was one change to the recipe however, completely accidentally. I bought a parsnip instead of a turnip (Baldrick was mortified!) – However, the soup turned out beautiful. I will definitely make this again, and to keep Baldrick happy will get a Turnip!

  3. Hi Titli, I did try this awesome recipe!  It was a great HIT!  Now I feel like making it every week-end during winter…… it was so easy, especially using a pressure cooker.  Thanks a lot.

  4. Thanks "Hidden Butterfly" for your prompt reply.  Yes, I thought you did not mention pressure cooker, 'cos everyone does not own one.  Thanks again, and keep up the good work!  I will be trying this soup coming weekend. God Bless.

  5. Hi Titli, thanks so much for this, I am hungry now!!  Can you please advise if I could use a 'Pressure Cooker' instead of cooking on simmer for 3 HOURS!!!??  Please advise.
    Thanks.  Awaiting your reply, as it is WINTER now in Australia…….

  6. We do tend to eat a lot of meat including Beef. Where I live in Florida the price of the Ox Tails has gone up incredibly because of the love of them by people from the Islands.

  7. A good way to avoid the expense of Ox Tails in the United States. Use Beef Necks and add a couple of pieces of Marrow Bones. When you pull the pieces of meat out make sure the Marrow falls out and stays in the pot.

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