Grand Marnier Souffle Recipe – Classic Orange Souffle- Valentine’s Day Dessert Special


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  1. Hi John, I have had the best success using your recipe. However every time I try to double the recipe I usually end up with not enough batter. Would you happen to know what Im doing wrong?
    Sometimes even for 2, I barely have enough batter.

  2. What you forgot my friend, is that cooking varies with different altitudes, so what works for one person might not work for another. Also you forgot to give us measurements. Other than that love the vid. Love the humor!

  3. Dear LORD! SO NHUMMY!

    Estou babando aqui do Brasil! Sou teu fã, trabalho com cozinha, estou na luta para me tornar um chef e posso lhe dizer que apreendo muito com você. OBrigado!

  4. Thank you Chef John for this wonderful presentation. I took my wife to a fine restaurant for her birthday and we had the souffle. She loved it so much I doubled the recipe and invited my kids over to try it out. Had my doubt but turned into a home run and we killed it as a group effort. Thanks so much!!!

  5. mmm looks good, think ill try this out soon! Is there a chocolate version of this, cuuzzz me and chocolate we're kinda in an intimate relationship

  6. So I plan on making this for several friends and family, and I was wondering since the Grand Marnier where I live is super expensive, can I substitute orange juice in it or would that ruin the overall texture or batter?

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