Grain-Free Granola + Overnight Muesli | 2 Healthy Paleo Breakfast Recipes


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  1. I have some questions after watching about half of your videos. You don't eat any beans or what now that family is called in english? Oh, I have seen you eat green beans at some point. And how about like grain alternatives? Like quinoa, buckwheat (?), Amaranthe etc? What flours, if any, do you use? And what do you do for bouillon/stock? I try to use the liquid bouillon instead of the cubes at least, but I know they're not really good either. But I'm on a tight budget… I did buy an organic vegetable stock powder once, but do I really need to buy and throw in a small chickenleg in there? 😀 And, I feel stuck on sauces (not dressings for salad) so I hope you have a video about that left for me to find! Oh how you have inspired me, together with my choice to invest big time in a bid and complete life planner! I just did my monthly budget, and are now on my food budgeting and planning! Making up monthly lists for my kids and me, as well as for house products which we get at the same store i.e. the same budget. As well as making a list of the basics in both food and home that is needed but not bought every month, so that both budgeting and a bigger monthly shopping trip will be easy to plan! 🙂 AND, the products on the lists are more the normal me than what I've been buying the last few months! Your view on the simple and healthy approach is so aligned with mine that I got a really good reminder of what I want for myself! <3

  2. Definitely trying these!! I love all of your videos Meghan, and I’ve even forwarded your YT channel to a couple of friends and family. I’m going back on my healthy eating (Paleo) and starting it off with Whole 30 and you’re wonderful nutritious meals fit right in!!! I’m so excited to get started back and try A Lot of your recipes and snack ideas! 😉 Can’t Thank You enough for having such a wonderful channel and for sharing the love to others for great & better health!

  3. It looks great, but I would need some proteins in the morning as well. I'll give those recipes a try for my snacks around 10am and stay with my salty breakfast. (Yes I am a big eater since my metabolism is crazily fast). Thank you for sharing 🙂

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