Gordon Ramsay’s Chicken Parmesan Recipe: Extended Version | Season 1 Ep. 3 | THE F WORD


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  1. Gordon Ramsay, King of Adjectives:

    "one of the most EXCITING chicken dishes"
    "that CRISPY texture"
    "a STUNNING dish"
    " a BEAUTIFUL escalope"
    "the most AMAZING egg wash"
    "those INCREDIBLE breadcrumbs"
    "breadcrumbs [on their own] are BORING "
    "this INCREDIBLE, RICH tomato sauce"
    "the most AMAZING broccoli rabe"
    " BEAUTIFULLY season it"
    "that really NICE fragrant smell of fresh basil"
    "now for the EXCITING part"
    "a NICE spoon of sauce on there"
    "that has to be one of the most DELICIOUS chicken parms anywhere"

  2. Chef Ramsay-
    It's pronounced "BAY-zil".

    Not "Bazzill".

    (P.S. No, I'm not a Michelin 5-star rated chef, and I don't own any restaurants, which means I couldn't cook the stuff Chef Ramsay feeds to his cats. But I DO know how to pronounce the herb.

    The two are NOT mutually exclusive.)

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