Gordon Ramsay’s Avocado on Toast with a Twist


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  1. Ramsey: makes a hot fudge sundae. Squeezes some fresh lemon juice over it for "zest" and to "add some acidity to cut through the richness" of the ice cream.

    -_- Chefs and their damn lemons.

  2. So lots of EVO in all your videos, been viewing tons (if not all) of your videos and I am a big fan. My comment (and question) is – I live in Austin Texas and shop at HEB, Randall's, Central Market, and Whole Foods. With all the fake (mixed) Extra Virgin Olive oil out there – what do I buy? What do you buy? What is good and bad? And many chefs say we should not cook with EVO, but you do VERY often. So as a newbe home cook, I am confused. You know the EVO game, but I do not. Please reply or put up a video about this post topic. Much Thanks – Jeff C

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