Gordon Ramsay eats the perfect sausage roll


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  1. Joe Bastianich is a highly regarded restaurateur, winery owner, and food critic. For anyone on YouTube to feel they can regard him as a second rate judge simply understands nothing of the culinary world. Chefs are not the only ones to understand and give criticism of food. Joe is successful because he's had drive and commitment to what he's done in his life. You internet warriors love to break people down from the safety of your computer. Pretty sure nobody wants to see you or your cartoon girlfriend at a party either. I'd have a blast tasting wine or cooking alongside either Gordon, Graham, or Joe. To disrespect any one of the three is out of your understanding, as they worked to get where they are today. Also, for anyone to judge Graham Elliot on his weight, look at him now.

  2. "I'm so aloof and smRt and mystical and refined and beyond the common Man that I've never heard of a sausage roll.."

    Orly? Well your multi-millionaire, Michelin star possessed, internationally acclaimed and world renowned fellow judge has.. And he loves them.

    Guess you're just a pompous moron. GG.

  3. It was kinda moving to see Gordon so excited and really enjoying it. I can only imagine how proud he was of his dish at that moment, his smile gave me a strong hint though. Joe was just being a complete fucking asshat as usual. It was obviously highly appreciated by two people who knows their business. So that leaves to options. Either he didn’t like it and thus doesn’t know good food, or he did like it and decided to be an ass about it anyway.

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