Gobi Manchurian | Easy to Make Indian Chinese Recipe


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  1. good attempt, however I just wanted to say this is not a healthy snack as you mentioned at the end, that's a bit misleading. there's a lot of oil and frying that goes into making Gobi Manchurian which doesn't exactly make it healthy, it does however make it delicious of course, haha! cheers!

  2. Omg….such a boring video…u dont have presentation skill….once u r showing ur recipe to everyone…so everyone going 2 watch the video….u should be more conscious of making food…u talk in such a way that people feel sleepy…and the cauliflower u cut is black….that means u did not wash it properly…u r such lazy…then why the hell u r making fool of everyone…why u r posting ur videos…plzz maintain some hygeine…u shoould remove the nail paint while cooking…should have used a big container for mixing cauliflower….plzz remove this video so that frm next tym no one should waste their time while watching such a bullshit…i ws really excited to make gobi manchurian bt after watching this i am out of my mood..

  3. Hey +SuperPrincessjoVlogs +SuperPrincessjo I have always watched your beauty channel never knew you even had a vlogs channel and also included Indian cooking recipes!! please update your vlog channel and also more veg cooking recipes as well.

  4. oh Madam,
    its a social media and many gonna watch this.
    so please be good in the presentation.
    Its so boring
    and a request, Nail polish is really chemical and mixing your recipe with naked hand and  lol saying its Indian style.

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