Goan Roast Beef | Goan Beef Roast Recipe – YouTube ||*Fatima Fernandes | Goan Pot Roast Beef Recipe


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  1. I love your channel and you don't mess around with small cuts of meat, you always look like you're feeding an army of people..Now I've been cooking food from all over the world for nearly 35 years and I do know a thing or two but many people don't so could I ask you to post the cut of meat you are using be it beef,pork or whatever. I mean you wouldn't do this with sirloin or fillet so I'm guessing brisket or silverside something that has lot's of flavour but can take a long slow cook..Sorry I hope this is okay to mention

  2. Dear Ms. Fernandes I live and work in Germany and for a long time now have been trying to make this recipe. I miss goan food very much. Must try this when I have the time. Your dish sure looks great. Thanks a lot Joaquim.

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