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  1. When I saw Gnocchi being made I saw it being piped and sliced to shape into boiling water 0 _o but it means that dough is almost a batter. Is that still Gnocchi 0_o or something else. Also I like to see a recipe classic style without potato.

  2. @snakeling22 Probably slightly too little flour. Or not cooked long enough. and make sure the water is rapidly boiling and well salted when they go in.
    They should be quite soft though, compared to shop bought

  3. Can somebody tell me why my gnocchi dough came out so soft? This guy's gnocchi seem hard and manageable, mine were like mashed potatoes, very soft. I boiled the potatoes with the skin on so I don't think it's too much water. Any suggestions are welcome!

  4. Great vid and recipe! Will try this weekend….many Americans say to use only an egg yolk…but I know Italians don't waste anything! Thanks for your post! I will let you know how the gnocchi work out (making them with gorg, wild mushroom and sage cream).

  5. @3riikuhhh it should taste of potato, but slightly like a dumpling aswell. About 1/3rd flour to the amount of potato. So for example, 10oz (275g) of spud to 3 1/2oz (95g) flour, mix with a bit of egg & add whole one if needed, then just add a little more flour if it is too sticky! This recipe is just a rough example.

  6. @Aeshmauniversus your both wrong. On a history basis. Gnocchi are from from mi-east italy. They were first iontroduced during the roman empire era. Adding potatoes to the mix also came from mid-east italy

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