Gluten Free Vegetarian Pelau Recipe.


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  1. Great channel! Amazing work you do. Just something to note as it goes very under the radar that Lea and perrins or most Worcestershire sauce contains fish extract. (ANCHOVIES) so for a vegetarian meal you wouldn’t want to add that. Though I love Worcestershire, it truly gives another level of flavor. Continue the amazing work!

  2. how are the peas supposed to be cooked my peas were still hard after everything was done and i was super mad , are they supposed to be crunchy or soft??

  3. You can sub organic soy sauce for the Worcestershire sauce because it has fermented fish in that sauce. I'm vegan and I usually add some mushrooms in my pelau.

  4. Oh man. I just happened upon this video, and I've never heard of pelau ohhhh myyyy I must make this. But I also like the idea of having a grandmother's home-cooked pelau. Also, I never thought I would like the look of pearls until I saw those bracelets. GORGEOUS! Thank you for your video, I look forward to exploring the rest of your channel!! 🙂 Salut from Florida~

  5. I do not understand this gluten free diet. People have been eating starch for centuries, soon our diet will be synthetic food. A plastic salad anyone or fry cardboard?

  6. Chris, You rock!!!! I am a straight vegan and this recipe was greatly needed and appreciated. Thank you so very much. I made it for dinner for my toddler and myself and it's fantastic! Thank you for thinking of us non-meat eaters. You are AWESOME!!!!!

  7. Hi Chris and everyone. Love your channel and your recipes but i do want to mention that if anyone is a true vegetarian you should avoid Lea and Perrins as all the prepared Worcestershire sauces do contain anchovies. There are some vegan ones like Annie's, but if you can't find that you can mix up something yourself like i do… it's mostly tamarind and vinegar 😉

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