Gluten Free – Pear Breakfast Cake Recipe | Healthy Breakfast Recipes


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  1. I like the recipe, but I don't like the way the camera is moving all other videos you have are like more professional!!! It's not you I donno .. go back , get the old camera man and montages

  2. Dear Dani I have made lots of your recipies and I love them all thanks. But can you please tell me how much is the one cup that you use in ounces or kg please beacause my cup measures look smaller and I am not in the US so maybe it is different thanks

  3. Hey Dani 🙂 Loved the recipe!! But I have a question: are roasted nuts healthy? I hear that if nut get heated up the fat becomes rancid, and its actually not good for our bodies. Is that true? I see you use Roasted almond butter and you use a lot of nuts for baking so I have this doubt.

  4. I can't comprehend how u make things at home work and make a healthy miracle rather than giving a list of fancy stuff making the recipe expensive and unattainable at regular basis.. and ure very beautifully driven and passionate.. SLAAAAYYYYY !

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