Gluten Free Pancakes Recipe FLUFFY YUMMY + How To Make Breakfast Recipes Gluten Free Habit


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  1. Good morning just found your recipe and tried it this morning, my pancakes weren't fluffy like your idk why I followed recipe bit they look like regular pancakes and they taste so good!! Just love these fluffy or not these are the best!! Tfs!!

  2. I followed your pancake recipe except I used brown rice instead of white rice. cuz.. I am out of white rice right now. then I added one and a half to one and three quarter teaspoon xanthan gum , close to, 2 Tbsp yeast. i let it rise in a 8X4 inch bread pan lined I didn't pay
    attention to the time i would say at lease a hour for it to rise. the dough was close to the top of the bread pan. baked at 375 in my toaster / convection oven for 50 minutes
    i set it to convection and i didn't preheat the oven. after about 15 minutes or so it was starting to brown so i tented the bread with foil. Note i slowly heated the vinegar and milk. added the sugar and yeast. you really don't get a foam and it looks funky.
    this is the first time i made it so i'm going to make adjustments. it tastes like bread
    soft and pliable it holds up better then other bread i have made in the past.
    this is a video i found to line my bread pan and to make the sides taller after i poor the batter in the pan i use toothpicks between the pan and the parchment paper for stability
    if the dough rises above the top of the pan.

    thank you

  3. Thankyou for sharing this, also i love how you use readily available ingredients for this recipe, seen so many recipes that call for expensive gluten free flours, hope you can share a bread recipe too..thanks

  4. i just made a pancake as bread Quick easy and it doesn't fall apart! i have done it for hamburgers too. I always have extra batter after making a batch. also i noticed if i let the batter ether sit a while or wait till the next day the pancakes turn out just like yours in the video, And your right you can't tell the difference from regular butter milk pancakes.
    Thank You

  5. i found you looking for pancakes i have had wheat allergies for close to a year now.
    it was tuff and scary at first. Not so much now. love your pancakes and how you make your videos! anything in the works for Bread? i have a couple recipes but always looking for a better one.
    Again Thank You!

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