Garlic Butter Steak, Keto Friendly!


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  1. You waited for a long time!! It's finally here, Keto friendly Garlic Butter Steak recipe!!! Even though it's keto finely recipe, I had to eat with rice… LMAO! 😝😂 Hope you guys try this recipe at home this weekend, since it's SUPER EASY ingredients & steps to make it!! Grab the written recipe here -> and get my MERCH to support & join our club!!! New designs for the merch will coming soon too~!! Love you guys~!

  2. Would love more of keto friendly recipes or maybe in the video mention subsitutes so its keto friendly. And maybe make a playlist for keto friendly recipes! Love your recipes😍😍😍

  3. Um, I was looking for a recipe and your channel came up, and I just wanted to know, do you have Tourettes? Well whether you do or not, I enjoyed your show…yes I subscribed for now, LOL Thank you for this recipe too. Appreciation from Montreal Canada.

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