Garlic and Lemon Beef Tips – Recipe by Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 153


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  1. I made this since it looked delicious. It came out great and good but my husband did not like it which made me really sad. Wish he wasn't so picky. I don't understand I don't even know what he liked anymore! 🙁 

  2. just watched this now coz I'm looking for more beef and wine sort of recipe coz got tons of wines from clubW been member of this club for years and don't know what else to do w/ my wines aside from drinking them w/ friends…hope u make more red and white wine recipes :)

  3. I recently started following your channel, and all of your recipes look so yummy! I would like to try this one and I have two questions. 1. do you cook the beef on high heat the whole time or turn it down after the initial browning? 2. I've never cooked with alcohol before and I don't drink, so I'm not sure which white wine to get – what is an inexpensive one that you would recommend?

  4. I'm beginning to like Laura Vitale second after Chef John, and that's despite her little-girl voice. I think she has a lovely kitchen, but man, those pots and pans of hers have got to go.

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