Full Meal Plan to Lose Weight (Step by Step Recipes)


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  7. @JoannaSohOfficial
    I wanted to know if u have a month fasting meal plan, keeping in mind that i cant drink or eat anything from sunrise to sunset or from around 4AM to 9PM…all the other times i can

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  17. This is an excellent video worth watching. She is easy and pleasing to listen to, and the meals are easy, healthy. She gives great simple tips on making it all easy to do, and the simple recipes are a little different then ones that I've seen before.

  18. Hey, where I live, you can't find most of the ingredients and the rest are too pricey. Usually I eat
    Sandwiches in the morning- brown bread, pizza sauce, onions, a limited bit of cheese
    Meal in the afternoon- white rice, dal ( mostly protein dal ) and a cooked veggie.
    Dinner- dal, whole wheat bread, veggie

    Is this ok or should I make little tweaks?

  19. Man, I am an out-of-shape guy that would eat Whataburger on a weekly basis, but I've been cutting back on that and I must say, what you've made looked absolutely delicious. Gonna make these purchases this week. My goal is to lose 35 lbs.

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