Full English Breakfast Recipe – SORTED Eats Britain


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  1. British baked beans are just not for my Eastern taste lol… 😝

    I bought one just to try it and immediately threw it out… IDK if it's the brand or what but that was dreadful, sorry 😅

  2. This is not an English breakfast not even close and really microwaving Haggis ? If you are having it as part of a breakfast you slice it into half inch slices then shallow fry it till ready.

  3. Greek people generally hate breakfast and the "traditional" thing here is a coffee and a smoke lol. Alternatively it's bread or yoghurt with honey or jam/fruit. For me as a half british (english) half greek it's a cup of english breakfast tea with pancakes (jam or nutella topping because I have a really sweet tooth, maybe some honey if I feel like it)

  4. For the curious, the font at the end is Gill Sans, which looks so ironically British because it was made by a student of the man who designed the original London Underground font, Johnston Sans.

  5. In San Antonio Texas, we do huevos rancheros (eggs under a cooked tomato sauce/salsa called ranchero sauce with refried beans and home fries) or breakfast tacos. They're amazing but definitely shouldn't be eaten every day.

  6. LOL the mushrooms look poisonous, unless it's a type of russule. the list of ingredients is so random, like it was invented by someone with a hangover and a half-empty fridge, just anything goes.

  7. I love ALL beans, but LOATHE tinned baked beans. HOWEVER – YOUR version looks awesome! THANKS!
    Also – CANNOT STAND Bubble and Squeak. I call it Gag and Hurl. But YOUR version not only LOOKS elegant and pleasing, but prolly MUCH MORE tasty using FRESH cabbage and leeks (or any veg). Again – THANK YOU!

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