Fried Rice – How To Make Fried Rice – Chinese Food


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  1. I've just watched a few fried rice videos, and yours is my favorite. that"s when I realized you also made the video that I follow for my crab/shrimp boils. We must be long lost brothers, cousins at least!

  2. Although this looks amazing and I appreciate what u do …seems like so much work when I can get CFR for 1.99 at the Chinese restaurant…and there's nooo way u can get that wok as hot as a restaurant could on ur stove … Not hating…love ur channel Wolfe . Keep up the amazing work 👍🏻

  3. wrong! you need a spatula not that little thing you used. i don't need to eat your fried rice to know it isn't better then Chinese. what you have done is all wrong. How ever my Fried rice is more better then the Chinese and yours put together. and that goes for Lo Mein Noodle also

  4. Was wondering if you had a cook book. I watch all you videos and am on you website all the time however I don't like taking my laptop in the kitchen with me and sometimes I can't print the recipes out. Would love to have one!

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