Fried Ramen Noodles (Delicious Cooking Recipes)


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  1. you made me feel right at home real home-cooked food so simple and I could enjoy a meal with you you seem like such a very nice lady thank you very much I love the color of your dress pretty

  2. She's found the way to a man's heart. Mmm, Mmm good. Thank you, sweetheart. I'm on my way home now. Can't hardly wait.
    Love ya, Genie. Bowl o' Ramen and a heart o' gold.

  3. Excellent excellent you need to be applauded thank you so much! Cooking for family well doneI would put turkey bacon in mind because I don’t eat pork . Thank you so much for your kindness . You taking out the time to share this with us!

  4. You guys get a fucking clue besides the actual recipe it is all for show it is called "TRAILER PARK COOKIN" you dumbass haters…. I bet you all watched the whole video too huh?… Btw good little recipe gonna have to try it. Thanks.

  5. I'd eat that shit, but I'd have to use a different type of noodle. Ramen noodle is a food wax that takes 3days to digest…I used to eat them all the time …I still buy them for the broth packets…but looks pretty damn good…

  6. To save on a extra dirty pan, why not use the big skillet for the bacon and onion then you could put your cooked noodles in the big pan with the bacon and onion use that good ole' bacon grease to flavor your noodles. Yummy

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