Fried Potato Wedges Recipe ( French Fries Recipe )


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  1. Wow. Thank you so much for this video! You've showed every step of the way and even talked about tips like what sort of alternative ways of dropping the potatoes into the oil by using hand or spatula or the way you talked about reusing oil. Your instructions were very clear & this looks easy for an amateur like me. I'm going to try it!

  2. I already know how to make french fries but I liked the video you explained throughly and came up with reason behind every "rule" which is really good when you're explaining something and not everybody do that, I had many teacher that wouldn't back up much of their explanation

  3. this was honest the best video for me I have tried homemade fries so many times but tonight they were edible nd perfect thanks for the tip abt rinsing the potatoes first made all the difference

  4. I uses the same method. I always Rinse my fries 4, To three times to make sure they're properly clean. Because you're right about starch. And The Water Also… will make the grease pop uncontrollably.

  5. In Scotland wee call them tottie chips lol! I don't eat chips any other way period! Either home made or go without.
    ps. Any1 of u should try fritters this way they are amazing no joke

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