Fried Chicken In The 18th Century? 300 Year old Recipe


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  1. Was my first time frying something so I used coconut oil because it was all I had. Used red wine vinegar in the marinade and apple cider vinegar in the batter. Also did not have spring onions so resorted to using white onion. Despite my shortcomings, the wonderful flavour really outweighed my poorly executed attempt at frying haha.

  2. My favorite chicken recipe came from a Civil War era cookbook in my collection. Like this recipe, it makes use of lemon and green onions in its marinade. However the chicken is not battered and deep fried, but instead is fried in a bit of butter with shallots. Then the drippings are made into a creamy gravy that is poured on top. It was claimed by the author that General Lee favored this dish.

  3. I just found out you guys were in Indiana! I used to live 5 minutes from Connor Prairie in Fishers…. wish I would have known you partnered with them when I lived there. The SCA crew that hosted the Ren Faire always put on a good show.

  4. Meat then was different and chicken was lean and tough! You had to tenderize it with a marinade. Even today, buttermilk is used as a tradition, the acid makes it more tender and in the case of game, it makes it less gamey.

  5. I tried it. The batter works quite nicely, although it doesn't stick very well to the meat.
    This marinade however is just awful. Makes the meat taste very vinegary, so i'd replace it with something else.

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