Fresh Yam Leaf (Kham Alu Pata) and American Rohu Fish Easy Healthy Recipe by our Grandmother


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  1. আমি এখনো বুঝলাম না এটি কি পাতা। তবে রেসিপিটি নিশ্চিৎ ভাবে ভালো।

  2. That food looks delicious! I never knew that people ate yam leaves. I shall try it, IF I do get yam leaves where I reside. There are a few Bangladesh groceries around, so I'll check for it.
    Thank you for this recipe; God bless you all.

  3. Bengali granny's are so sweet and sacrificing. 'peti' or the stomach part is usually given to kids as it contains good flesh, lesser or only few bigger bones. While the tail is full of bones and less of flesh. The granny shows so much love and affection to her grandchildren that she is ready to eat that part of fish which others will struggle to eat.

  4. Vill food e akta unique bapar dekhechi,jai koruk sob kichui notunotto ache,mane jeta age kono rannar recepie t dekhini…khub sundor hoeche.amr vlolaglo recepie ta,tai just carry on wd with ur newest recepie and good health food…🤗🤗🤗

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