French Tomato Sauce Recipe – French style tomato sauce


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  1. Italian is my background and we at "spaghetti sauce" as we called it twice a week as kids growing up. As an adult, it's probably on my table once every 10 years, I rarely make tomato sauce….ever….but I will definitely try the French version when tomatoes are in full swing next growing season….this looks fantastic! Whether you realize it or not, you are always challenging me to try new techniques, new foods, and new ways of making foods I've cooked in certain ways for years, and if that's your objective with this channel, or one of them, then you've succeeded! Thanks for sharing this great recipe and technique.

  2. Chef, I love your videos and your format, just about watched them all 🙂
    I notice a propensity to use extra steps which dirty extra dishes without apparent necessity. Could you explain why it was necessary to remove the tomato roux into a different vessel and cool it and to clean the main pot? Seems you could've just added the stock to deglaze. AFAIK the roux would've thickened the stock anyway. Now, I've heard "hot roux – cold milk", but if you are using hot stock, do you really need cold roux?

  3. + Daniel Myers
    HI Daniel and thanks for watching. In that recipe It says you need to use 1 liter of vegetable or chicken stock so you have use either a ready made stock or make your own.
    But, if you want to use water instead you can. So you could do half liter water half liter stock or only 1 liter of water of you like. Just keep in mind that the taste will suffer if you only use water. Regarding the nudge of butter at the end, based on the recipe you can use anything from a chestnut to a walnut size of Butter (depends on how much you like butter really) this is also not absolutely necessary. if you are health conscious, you don't have to add butter at the end.
    Hope it helps

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