French Toast Quick & Easy Recipe [No Oven]


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  1. Me : wakes up at 5 in the morning for online classes

    Me:puts half screen on and goes to check the inbox and comments
    Nobody in my online class wants to be my friend
    Anybody who can be my friend????
    Anybody feel bad for me

    I n case your wondering where i live and which grade I study here you go

    From India, inside India I live in kerala and inside kerala I live in changanacherry but just for vacation I came to abudhabi in UAE to meet my father for vacation but I got stuck in Abudhabi with my parents because of Coronavirus and thank you for being my friends who have spent some of their time for being my friend's

    i am sorry but i dont understand any other than english and malayalam as i am a keraliat and i know english verrry very well i am in studinh in 5 (this year) i hope our age and class dont affect our frendship and i would love to be your friends

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