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  1. I cooked this the day after I saw this video!! Sooo yummy!!! I added the cinnamon and some nutmeg to the egg mixture to soak into the bread and ate it with butter and sugar free syrup on top! Omg. Next level. Thanks for posting this video recipe!!! Keep posting recipes please 🙂 luv ya

  2. Thanks much Kim! It’s Christmas Eve, and I just made this casserole to bake in the morning! Love your videos and recipes, especially that peach cobbler! Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, New Year

  3. Your mom is going crazy for the holidays she hates Christmas now and your brother kidbehindacamera he's going nuts your other sister who lost her teeth in her hair who got burned on the fire she's going nuts too so they need your help so go over there look at his YouTube look at kidbehindacamera with Bridget and they going crazy they are going crazy big time do you need you over there it's a warning go over there and see what kidbehindacamera needs help with letting you know called them look at his U2 look at kid behind the camera

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