French style mini chicken pies: so easy to eat (it's all in the crust)


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  1. Wow! I embarrassingly admit that haven't checked out your page in awhile but so happy to see that you're still giving us wonderful recipes and that you now have 368k subscribers?! How great!!
    I made these today and they were delicious! It's hot where I am at and I had the oven on for awhile, so my dough quickly became elastic and shrunk when I was rolling it out… so didn't look so great – but still so tasty, both the dough and the filling. Also, no wild mushrooms in my area right now so I cut up large portabello mushrooms… still so good! One suggestion is to maybe write that cold cubed butter is needed for the dough, especially for those who don't have that much experience making pie dough!

  2. thank you sir! for the longest time, I have had the wish to eat great french cooking, and just keep enjoying it, food after food. considering how uncertain life is, (i suppose it might always have been due to merchants of chaos,) just seeing food up close makes me happy. you are doing well, God bless you, and yes, thank you from the bottom of my heart. i miss someone as I mention this.

  3. I've been wanting to make pork pies & during "covid." I got a big pack of cubed pork from Costco, but I didn't like the crust recipe for those British pies, so I used your excellent delicious crust recipe, but filled with pork (because I had the pork.) When things get more normal I'll make your whole recipe, but as you said (it's all in the crust) & the crust was great & worked just as well with pork as with chicken.

  4. Local farmer's market had morels and lion's mane, so I just made this with those and some chicken thighs. The whole family was raving about how good they were. This recipe's a keeper, for sure. The egg and milk absolutely makes the pastry more tender, as well.
    If only morels weren't so expensive! I'll have to experiment with other sorts of mushrooms – I suspect hen-of-the-woods will work well. I wish I could get the saffron milk caps you had in your other video, but I've never seen them for sale here in the states.

  5. Just made this recipe – c'est tres fantastique! Dough was really on point and the filling was lovely too. First time making a dough/pie like this and you made it very accessible. Merci beaucoup!

  6. They look great but when I make pies I find it easier to egg wash the lid before forking or pinching the edges. I also use a mix of egg and milk rather than egg and water.

  7. OK made my pies. The pastry was only sufficient to make 4 with a bit left over, maybe increase the quantity for next time. Warning: I used a silicon pie mould and although the pies came out OK, I wasn't able to trim the edges after putting the lids on due to there not being enough support to allow pressure from the cutter; also the pastry becomes very stringy once in the plastic/silicon. Next time I'll find my Prestige steel one.

  8. Merci pour la recette ça faisait tellement longtemps que j'en cherchais une.
    Aussi je me demandais s'il te serait possible de faire des quenelles (au fromage car je suis en Ecosse et je ne sais pas si c'est très facile de trouver du brochet ici…).
    Bonne continuation et encore merci pour tes vidéos.

  9. OK, I'm setting tomorrow aside to make these. I've had to wait for my lockdown delivery and was please to find they had the portabella mushrooms available. One thing, if I may ask, the inside looks a bit dry. Usually, here in the UK, we'll fill a pie with a stock jelly. Who can resist a hot pie when the juice runs down your wrist, but it will work for a cold pie too. So I'm thinking of a filling before cooking with a tasty bechamel or a jellied demi glass sauce. Discuss, please.

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