French Pastry Cream step by step video recipe (crème Patissiere)


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  1. Hello 🙂
    this is a very helpful video thank you! 😀 i want to do a pastry cream with cocos flavor. at the end you add orange juice. what would you add to the pastry cream to get that cocos flavor?
    sorry for my bad english…

  2. Hi…thanks for the video….i have cooked this twice…it tastes delicious…but there are slight lumps that form as the final mixture is coming to a boil…it that the way its supposed to be….yours doesnt seem to have lumps ☺

  3. I'm having an afternoon tea and have been researching different little pastries that I can give my guests to take home with them afterwards. I'm doing this recipe along with your choux. I think it will be a perfect parting gift!

  4. I enjoyed this video, and really enjoy this channel. However, it drove me NUTS that you didn't filter the milk mixture before you added it to the eggs. I spent the rest of the video looking for the vanilla bean pod.

  5. can I use just vanilla essence? I don't have the other one, and I kinda HAVE to make this cuz my French teacher will give extra marks, which I really need!! I hope you respond as soon as you can. And merci beaucoup for making this video

  6. After so many failures with creme that used starch, THANK YOU for saving my sanity!!! So easy to follow, so straight forward, no more worries. You have another subscriber!!

  7. I really enjoy your videos. It is appreciate the fact that you also, like do not have every kitchen tools and equipment known to mankind at your disposal. Keep up the good work,and you are a very likable guy.

  8. Don't you need to temper the eggs by incorporating a small amount of the boiling milk first?

    Sinon, j'anticipe que les œufs cuisent trop vite! En tout cas, vos vidéos sont de très bonne qualité, merci de partager vos talents 🙂

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