French Onion Soup Recipe – The Food Nite Show


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  1. Terrible, dry crouton and raw cheese???? What about left over baguette bread, white wine, and gruyere cheese gratin (cheese on top melted/grilled in the in the oven…).

  2. This is totally my favorite episode so far. Chef Todd, you are totally amazing. Thank you so much for spending so much of your time making cooking coarse – I just love to watch it. I'm spreading the word through the United Kingdom.

  3. This soup is so tasty. Just made it in class a couple days ago. Thank you for your videos Chef Todd, I've watched most of them. Greetings from Chile, maybe you can do some latin american plate one of these days 🙂

  4. I prefer to mix it with blender and make a cream Soup….some times I add white pepper and cream. (with white wine and chicken stock )
    I wonder is it possible to make red onions sooup?
    or red wine onion soop 😀
    so, there is alweys some thing to change in the recipe 🙂

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