French Onion Soup Recipe


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  1. We tend to use a crock pot when making onion soup., and we use a dark beer. After first being introduced to it with provolone, we did find that swiss cheese create the best flavour combo

  2. Technically speaking, your dish isn’t completely vegetarian. Gruyere is made with animal rennet. Nice try to fool us with the veg stock cubes.
    (Yeah I know, I'm a lot of fun at dinner parties. Especially when vegans or vegetarians are involved)

  3. Are you sure you put the correct amount of vinegar on the website ??
    I literally just cooked this and did everything step by step and with the right amount of ingredients and It was the most disgusting vinegary soup ever .
    Waste of time .

  4. i just moved into a new apartment this past Friday and will be expecting my first child any day now. I have been binge watching yo videos and making some of the recipes in large batches to freeze for while I am home on maternity leave. This is one I will definitely be adding as it is a lot quicker than the traditional method and looks absolutely amazing!!!!

  5. Great recipe, guys, and as a vegetarian, much appreciated. However, the temptation would be too great for me. Roasting those lovely onions, they would not make it to the soup pot; cover them in black pepper or cayenne and make an onion sandwich. Split open a crusty baguette, sprinkle in some cheese and HP Sauce on top of your onions – noms time.

  6. Bit of a cheat, We didn't use garlic cloves, we used garlic powder (I know it sounds awful, but on a limited budget it was all we could get.) It turns out it works just as well. The soup was amazingly rich and seriously is one of my favorite dishes to make now on a cold day. 🙂

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