French Onion Green Bean Casserole Recipe – Thanksgiving Green Bean Side Dish


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  1. WOW!!! that looks delicious! Gotta try this. What a great way to make a bland veg (for me) taste good. Thanks Chef John for your lovely recipe videos and your great sense of humor!! :)

  2. Jon, yo I made this last night for my friends and when I went for back for more (because I serve myself last) this dish was GONE!! I mean gone as in there weren't any cheese flakes or even onions left! It was the only dish that I didn't have to wash hahahaha ~thanks, love your channle.

  3. Guess I didn't blanch the beans long enough because they came out super crunchy which my mom liked. No doubt they had a nice flavor but I wasn't a fan.
    I'd much rather eat your slow cooked version with bacon Chef.

  4. I used your recipe and it was DELICIOUS! The Gruyere cheese was a good idea.
    Plus, I enjoyed the side notes, "use your hands so you can burn yourself" and "why would you spread it unevenly?!"
    Haha. I subscribed! 

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