French Omelette – How to Make Soft, Buttery French-Style Omelets


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  1. I never knew there was a French omelette style… I've made mine like this since 8th grade home economics! I do tend to grate in a small amount of nice, dry, mildly salty cheese before the rolling/folding.

  2. that's neither classic french style nor country french style omelette. You are getting rusty or there wasn't much to begin with- your technique sucked for chef level

  3. I tried making this for the first time: my stove thinks that it's medium low is your medium high, so I was kinda rushed in going through the steps.

    Still turned out pretty well, tomorrow I'll turn down the heat

  4. I thought that french omelette is one made over a steam bath (kind of a part of Benedict sauce but an omelette). Oh nevermind – it's scrambled eggs french way. But it really almost the same thing.

  5. I like to pile up eggs to have a nice pillow which then I turn on another side just for a moment. In the end, i have super soft aired scrambled egg pillow with a bit of salt and fresh grounded black pepper on top (plus toasts ofc.) 😀

  6. i love eggs… i love omelets but i still dont like runny eggs…. the inside of the omelete is still runny and i dont care if its the right way or a 5 star Michelin recommendation .. aside from that, everything was great.. i would just cook it longer

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