French macarons – recipe


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  1. the people i know who have adapted the other nut meals and corn meals into their macarons are for people who are allergic to almonds. yeah they might not taste as "genuine," but i think it's cool to give the opportunity to eat macarons for the people who are not able to do so otherwise.

  2. Well i'm french, and i am talking about the taste, and the almond flour is definitely the best. Changing one of the most important ingredient is a bit like "betray" the original recipe, if u now what i mean.
    Of course, it's perhaps hard to find almond flour in USA, I don't know, but we can still prepare it with almonds by mixing them to a really fine powder.

  3. I would suggest to use about 1-2 tbsp (10-15 g) of cocoa powder and subtract the same amount from the almond flour; choose another filling, for example a chocolate custard (­ZI), a plain custard (­VY) or even a raspberry sauce! For strawberry macarons, use a red food colouring and use a good-quality strawberry jam for filling.

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