French Macarons Recipe Demonstration –


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  1. I made this recipe following your recipe and it came out perfect. The smooth top, the ruffled feet. I was so excited just watching them come out of the oven.. they were light, and perfect. Most were gone even before we decided what filling we should make for them. You explanation and the process is spot on.. thank you so much.

  2. These came out perfect the first time! Best recipe ever 🙂 I made them last night and they're currently in the fridge, but I did manage to taste one. AMAZING!

  3. This is the only recipe I’ve ever used and literally never had a batch of duds. Like maybe a few imperfections from MY small errors but most are always presentable. Hands down best baking channel on YouTube. Can not recommend her channel enough to beginning bakers. 💕

  4. Thank you Stephanie! I failed miserably attempting macarons but your video is so clear and concise I'm going to have another crack at it! Thanks 🙂

  5. I made macarons and initially they seemed to look like they turned out perfect! However, after two days in a container in the fridge, once I took them out they were filled with holes! A lot of them crumbled when picking them up and others had holes on the tops and bottoms. Where did I go wrong? Is that oven temperature? Over mixing? Please help! Thank you 🙂

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