French Dinner Party Recipes


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  1. I made the grougeres & chocolate mousse for a dinner party last night and they were such a hit! Kept it relatively French-themed with rosemary lamb chops and au gratin as a side. Thanks for the ideas 😄😘

  2. Hi Beth , from the UK. You can do no wrong with food. Truly inspirational. Just one little niggle,the music is too loud sometimes . Makes it difficult to hear what you are saying.

  3. I feel like I would get very anal when hosting a party wanting everything to be perfect that I would stress myself. anyhow, that being my problem. this was fantastic!

  4. Dear Beth, I recently discovered you!!!  I'm so glad I did. I love watching your videos, the presentation, the game plan etc. Your instructions are so easy and methodical and you seem like such  nice person 🙂  Could you kindly do more videos on dinner parties for a girl's night in,  a date night, or a sit down dinner for 8-10.  I would love it and I'm sure your viewers would too ! Thank you.

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