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  1. Hi CynicalBastard47, this isn't French/American. It's French. My grandmother said the recipe came from France, they made it in her family, but originally it is served hot there. She said a French chef decided to do a variation while he was a Chef here in the U.S. and make it cold. Louis D??? I can't remember his name. Richard I love your versatility. I first made this in my 20's and it was when the 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant near Van Nuys Airport was going out of biz. I asked the waiter if he could please ask the chef for the recipe. He gave it to me ;). Unfortunately my friend who has my special recipes I'd saved lost them all in a flood. If you can find the one for avocado pie from Hawaii, I've missed that for so long. Thank you for taking the time to show us how you do this recipe. I have your blog address to get the quantity on the ingredients. Again, thank you. A little edit here, the vichyssoise got me going. I never thought to look up the avocado pie online. There it was. Thank you for being inspiring.

  2. I almost forgot: My recipe is based on Gourmet Magazine cookbook series from the '60s, and they want one to force the mixture through a sieve.  I like it more rustic, so I don't do that. Once at Ariel Sands in Bermuda, I ordered it and it had pear in it. Not very good, at least for me.

  3. It was nice to see someone else make this dish, my favorite soup ever. I started making this and Crepes Suzette when I was about 9 years old. I have never heard of using sour cream. I use equal amounts of leek, red potato and baking potato with an onion that is a third of the other weights. Heavy cream is used liberally and some times I use scallion if I don't have chives. I put the vegetable mixture in a few containers, once cooked, and add the cream to each batch as it is consumed so that it doesn't turn sour.

  4. I'm making this tonight but unfortunately I have no blender so I'm going to have to mach the potatoes and leaks the best I can. 
    Bruce Wayne: It's cold!
    Alfred: It's vichyssoise… it's suppose to be cold

  5. In one cookbook of mine (I have many) this soup was mentioned… and with an idea you might like. Make everything up to the cream/half and half, and then bottle it (can it).

    Keep in the fridge, and when you feel like a bowl, just take out your jar, pour out a cupful, add about a half cup (or to taste) of the cream, and you have vichyssoise whenever you like.

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