French Cherry Clafoutis recipe “Clafoutis à la cerise”


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  1. This is beautiful! I will have to save this recipe for next year! Sadly our cherry season is pretty much over and wasn't very good this year anyway (droughts really impacted my area lately.) Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. le beurre salé dans les gâteaux il y a pas mieux 😀 (a condition de retirer les pincées de sel dans la recette )
    le clafoutis c'est tellement bon mais en France ont a plus de cerises XD c'est déjà fini la saison ! Dommage j'aurais bien voulu essayé ta recette

  3. Ok right now I have a flu and I am in bed BUT if I feel better later I will do it, I have all the ingredients and I am sure it will cure my flu 😉
    Jealous of your summer! How is Bulgaria ?

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