French Buttercream / Ermine Frosting recipe


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  1. I have a huge cake I need to make so can I make a big batch of this and have it come out the same way? With the paste I stopped when it was a little thin but very thick at the same time…..will it still hold up the same way?

  2. I’ve been making the same way as yours but with half butter and half hi-ratio shortening and it works like a charm it never fails me during the summer heat. It would crust a little bit but its just the perfect consistency for my fondant covered cakes and its not too sweet like other bc recipes.

  3. Hi chef, I tried doing this frosting as per your recipe & method. I just triple the ingredients as I needed more. But it turned up abit watery. What am I to do to make it stiff. Please advice.

  4. My favorite frosting. People's eyes always light up when they taste it, because they are mostly used to the overly sweet but otherwise flavorless American buttercream. This one is so luscious and delicious.

  5. This buttercream doesn't seem popular i searched it up and there are very few videos. I am excited to try this because it does not look so sweet. I've made American buttercream, too buttery and sweet, swiss merengue buttercream, too sweet, italian merenge, too sweet lol i am sicking with whipped cream for cakes because it is light and not very sweet. But i will try this and see if its too sweet or not

  6. I saw Sara put the flour rue into the frosting lately and i bake alit and ive never seen that but im open minded.
    Thats a BIG reason im watching both ur guys videos is becuz u do some things different, i dont know if its a Southern thing or what?! But im learnin

  7. I've been looking for a buttercream frosting recipe that does not melt in warm weather or form a crust after long exposure. And I saw your video while browsing around. It looks perfect but I just want to make sure that it does not melt in warm weather. I live in a tropical country that's why I've been desperate for such a recipe. Thanks.

  8. can I make it with a paddle attachment instead of a whisk attachment ??
    btw thank you soo much for this recipe I've made it so many times. the consistancy is perf and it's not overly sweet.

  9. Hi chef, I made this buttercream 4 times. it turned out perfect first 2 times and failed badly in the last 2 attempts. No difference in temperature.Its always cold here. My buttercream separated while i was still beating. can you suggest whats the reason behind this?

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