French Bread Quick Pizza Recipe | Homemade Mini Veggie Pizza


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  1. Published on Sep3, 2020

    Pizza lovers!!

    Are you in mood of pizza and ran out of yeast? Is your child demanding pizza and dinner is about to be served in no time? Don't worry, I got you covered. All you need is cheese, marinara sauce, french bread (or some sort of toast or bread) and seasoning and toppings of your choice. I thought of this recipe when my son demanded pizza and I forgot to prepare dough in advance. I quickly glanced through my kitchen and spotted this french bread lying on the counter top and knew exactly what to do.

    Food lovers, this is a super quick (approx. 8-10 min) pizza recipe, also you get to enjoy french bread differently unlike the traditional way. Let's get ready for the quick bite.

    You will need these ingredients

    Serving size: 11 Slices (Good for 3 people)


    French Bread ½ of the length (I used half of 14 Oz bread, sliced into 11 slices)
    Marinara Sauce 11 Tbsp (1 Tbsp per slice)
    Mozzarella Cheese 1½ Cup approx. (2 Tbsp per slice)
    Olive Oil ½ Cup (1 Tsp per slice)
    Chopped/Sliced Bell Pepper ½ Cup
    Spinach leaves 8-10
    Paneer/ Cottage Cheese Crushed ½ Cup
    Dried Oregano
    Dried Basil
    Dried Carrot Leaves

    Detailed Recipe Here:

    Do try this recipe and let me know in the comments how you liked it. Also let me know if you like me to share some specific recipes, I will love to make another video. Please subscribe to my channel to be the first one to get any new recipes that I upload.

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