French Bistro Saute Potatoes Cooking Secrets | French Bistro Recipes


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  1. mdr t'as tous les français qui se foutent de sa gueule dans les commentaires, du coup il les a tous supprimé. Tu vas t'attirer les foudres de l'élite du 18-25 ,amen

  2. i am sorry to burst this french bubble…but, there is only one type of potato built for saute, fry, mash, and roast…it is the russet. it goes by many names including burbank and idaho. the problem with the waxy potatoes ( red bliss, yukon gold, maine, eastern white, etc.) is just that…the'ry waxy. no matter how you treat them, you will never get a truly crispy exterior and creamy interior. they certainly have their place in the culinary enjoyment world, but they're preferably boiled, steamed, or nuked. don't get me wrong, you can certainly saute them, however, the results will be far more spectacular and delicious if you use russets. even if you make corned beef hash, russets make a hands down superior product. likewise any item which calls for mashed potatoes, (dauphenoise, croquettes, etc.) will yield a spectacular result. at the end of this culinary rainbow, the best advice is to experiment and see what you like best. bon appetit!

  3. French Cooking Academy : @ 3 25 Non. Pas "blanching," which is a much briefer immersion of more delicate vegetables like asparagus and broccoli in already boiling water, largely to preserve and/or improve color.
    What you are you are doing here with starchy pommes is parboiling — partially cooking them.

  4. My husband had a potato dish made by a French chef on location where he worked. I have been looking for the recipe. Chef said it was a simple dish. Comfort food. Hubby said this looked like it. He loved it

  5. Here in the DC area if I went to major chain grocery store and asked for potatoes that are for roasting I'd likely get a blank stare. Love your videos, Stephen!

  6. In the US, a roasting potato has what we call a starchy texture. These are Idahos or Russets, which are usually baked. There is an ‘all purpose’ type, the Yukon Gold that might work, but not brown as well as those previously named. For this recipe you do NOT want waxy potatoes, such as Red Bliss or New Potatoes.

  7. I have a fetish with thyme.
    Can I substitute the parsley with thyme and add a chopped garlic together with the onions?
    Instead of black pepper could I add red cayenne to taste?

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