French Bistro INDOOR GRILLED SHRIMP Professional Technique (restaurant recipe)


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  1. I cooked another my favorite shrimp, stream jasmine rice, boil corn on the cob add butter, spring onion, salt and pepper for my dinner once a week, wash down with a glass of red wine and a cigarette to relax, as a treat, such a yummy guys. Son try it, cheers!

  2. Well I blew it, "never buy cooked shrimp in a's nasty" I bought them cooked in a bag in the frozen food section i still gotta give it a go but that let me down a little lol

  3. If i had to guess why the thumbs down it maybe because you shouldn't put frozen foods of any kind into hot water it has a tendency to turn things sour and is not considered the healthy way i hear you should allow to defrost naturally.

  4. After literally hours and hours of watching your videos and learning new things every minute or so, I have an opportunity possibly to teach you something :-). For de-veining the shrimp, I find the easiest way is to put the point of the knife at the head end (as though you are going to stick a kabob stick through it), where there is a natural depression created where the vein is. Orient the edge of the knife so it is aligned with the "spine" and then just push the knife in and run it along the vein, cutting along the shrimp's back.

  5. The 39 down votes have no idea how to cook on a high level. This is really brilliant thank you for sharing. 90% of the population has never had shrimp cooked properly and instead think it normally is rubbery.

  6. When I worked for Bobby McGees, we had this device about the size of an electric knife sharpener that had a rolling wheel and a sharp blade, we would put the shrimp in one at a time and a very rapid pace and it would make the cut down the middle of the shrimp. some would be butterflied, the others used in cocktail but Id do over 20 lbs a night sometime. Remember this shrimp slicer?

  7. For anyone who is interested, I checked the demographics of this video and what is peculiar to me is that the "thumbs down" votes are coming from Saudi Arabia and Mexico. I have no idea why.

  8. Great technique to grill shrimp indoors, those looked incredibly delicious. I like the idea of taking the frozen shrimp and then brining them in the warm water before cooking them. There is nothing worse, then putting ice cold seafood on a hot skillet, it makes perfect since to bring the shrimp to room temperature before grilling them. Also, making this up in batches and then reheating them in a restaurant situation is a fabulous idea. Nice job.

  9. I used olive oil before placing in the shrimp into the cast griddle, and it really burns causing a lot of smoke by the time I cook the dozen or so shrimp.  Can you recommend an oil or no oil to use? Thanks

  10. Well I finally made this. Sure could have used those little tweezer tongs you have. Shrimp was very good I made half this recipe, if I keep covered in refrigerator over night can I make the rest tomorrow? Thanks. Your book is great by the way. 

  11. Neat Chef, it's pretty much the same way I do them outdoors on a silly hot grill normally set up as a 2 zone fire where I am gonna smoke roast something else on the cool zone because charcoal and smoke wood aren't free sure you can light it again and I do but to cook shrimp don't take much what 10 minutes in a gumbo pot MAYBE 4 minutes on the grill, well the ones on the hot hot don't take that long but I digress. it's an inexact technique, I haven't ever brined them heard of it never done it. Or thought to use Knorr stock to do so. I mean I use Knorr Stock concentrate a lot it's good stuff only within the last 2 months have I become obsessed with stock and I actually haven't because I got my trusty Knorr cubes say truly interested in doing it right I guess. I just shake some creole seasoning on them and grill them thill they are opaque. Also is Gordon Ramsay really as hard core as he seems on TV? I mean I have been to boot camp and like actual war and stuff. I know it's a TV show but it's like the dude seems like a full on drill instructor. Not that I wouldn't LOVE to shake my drill instructors hands all today. By the way a lot of the time when I comment on your channel, I am just typing to hear myself talk. I know Google pays money to channels I like for comments and thumbs ups. Please don't ever feel like you need to reply if I have no legit question. I am NOT here to bug you. I could just say hey Chef, that's cool and maybe I should.

  12. I just went and bought a cast iron skillet and made this tonight… WOW!!! It was delicious….. thank you so much for posting. This is now my go to recipe and it was so easy…. thank you thank you thank you

  13. Made these yesterday in advanced of the meal and tossed them in to warm afterwards and they turned out great.  My new go to method for prawns, thanks!

  14. you know that this is the only historic fact that you have said that I am aware of? Thats only because ive read alot and I mean alot of cajun cookbooks. Chef Paul Prudhomme is my favorite Cajun Chef. IF you buy his more recent books, he uses his seasoning mix as the ingredients but if you can get your hands on his first cookbook, he gives the ingredients to those mixes. you can still find them too! Try his cajun meatloaf sometime. Thanks again !

  15. Well, as you probably know, New Orleans was settled by the French and their cooking techniques were fused with the cuisine of Native Americans and African slaves to create what we know today as Cajun and Creole food. This is a "plain vanilla" type of shrimp that has many applications. If you want to make it more Cajun, then you should season the shrimp before you fry them. Either use a packaged seasoning mix like K-Paul's (Paul Prudhomme) – or grind up your own blend. Cheers!

  16. I finally got around to watching this video, I was more interested in the eggplant and the veg sauce because I love that sort of thing. I didnt realize this was a New Orleans style shrimp, I love Cajun and Creole dishes, Ive won a few Gumbo contest in my days. Thank again for the great videos. I finally found a place here called sprouts that sells celery root!

  17. I think a shrimp stock video would be a good idea, too. I have a couple of tricks for that which would make it worthwhile. Right now I am in the process of putting up a modern version of classic French beef stock, modeled after Escoffier's methods. It should be up within the next day or so.

  18. Thanks for the tip, I have been trying to purchase the bouillon via Amazon but so far none will deliver to Australia but I will keep searching for a supplier. Shrimp stock video would be a great addition (when you are not too busy of course!) Cheers again

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