French Baguette Recipe in The Bread Kitchen


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  1. @ The Bread Kitchen. Thanks for the recipe, it's perfect. The polish technique gives far more flavor to the bread. For some breads I add one or two teaspoons of yogurt to the polish, one coffee spoon of sugar and leave it for a complete night, that gives a slightly sour bread like the style ones.

  2. I made this today. It is delicious. Mine's a little different (overnight first ferment, part whole wheat because I ran out of plain flour, and a boule because I can't get dough to do anything else), but the inside is airy and delicious, and the crust is crackly and chewy. It's wonderful. I'm trying to avoid eating the whole loaf on my own.

  3. Wonderful recipe! I make quite a bit of bread throughout the week, this is the first recipe that I've tried with French Bread where it turned out great! Wonderful texture and taste, even my son ate almost a whole loaf by himself lol.

  4. Love your videos, you recipes and methods are great and I can now make bread. Yayyy., thankyou so much keep up the good work, looking forward to new recipes, would you please upload a video in good time on how to make iced fingers, much appreciated and maybe some devonshire splits would be cool too.. many thankyous xxx

  5. You are a genius, this bread is the BEST, no other recipe will beat it, I've been trying bread for a long time but now this will b our favorite , Thanks alot for sharing, ps: loove ur accent: )

  6. Thank you for the video. I make the bread, the inside is soft but the outside didn't get that hard crunchy crust. I thought I followed how you made it. I put a pan of water in the oven and also sprayed water in the oven on the bread. Any ideas why mine isn't crunchy outside??

  7. Dear Titli, thank you very much for all. Your channel is delightful! I. have a question. I have hypoglycaemia and must not eat white flour. I use wholegrain flour for recipes, however I do not like the smell of it. Do you have any suggestions? May I ask you to share a recipe and a video for those who have hypoglycaemia or diabetes?… 

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